Who we are

Liberate Physician Centers

Our Mission

​Liberate Physician Management is dedicated to helping people with chronic illness and debilitating medical conditions have access to physicians that provide required patient Certifications in every state with a medical marijuana program.   We enable physicians and entrepreneurs to assist patients in need of medical marijuana therapy using the highest Standard of Care and by providing a range of operating, marketing, training and related services to physician offices throughout the U.S. under the Liberate Physician Centers brand.
We believe medical marijuana is a highly effective therapy for many illnesses and conditions. We support safe access, increased scientific research, and the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship, and operate with the highest degree of professionalism, expertise and business ethics.

Dedication to Patients

Our Founder & CEO

We started Liberate Physician Centers to provide a safe, legal alternative to the current epidemic caused by synthetic opiods.

Daniel Reid

Benefits of the Liberate Program

  • Low-cost License Fee
  • A high Standard of Care
  • Set of core services to support each licensed office
  • Proven business model, outstanding executive team
  • Unmatched expertise in the industry
  • Ongoing Training, Marketing Support and state regulatory compliance
  • Complete Back-Office Support Services
  • Highly Profitable Business Models for both full- and part-time practices

Liberate Physician Centers

Our Business Model

A unique approach to building your business

Why choose us

Proven Method

We have helped entrepreneurs establish turn-key profitable medical marijuana clinics with our proven, repeatable and innovative methodology.

Caring Doctors

We help you qualify and train doctors to treat patients the Liberate way to achieve quick and sustained growth.

Legal Experience

We have shaped and influenced the legal landscape to support the MMJ industry and know the laws in your state.

Enabling Technology

Integral to your success is running your practice with our cloud-based EMR and financial management software called CareTrax.

Consistent Growth

Successful Liberate Offices

In March 2015, we opened our first office in Michigan. Now, nearly five years later, Liberate offices are across several states and many locations.

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